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ITC, Elite & Deva Travel - Group Websites Design & Development

At Authenticity, we enthusiastically embraced the challenge posed by The ITC Group, a distinguished consortium of travel brands renowned for their personalised service.

ITC sought our expertise in establishing a coherent online presence that would genuinely mirror the excellence and diversity of their offerings and brand portfolio.

Our journey commenced by collaboratively creating the group’s website with the ITC team to design and develop a contemporary and user-friendly corporate website that effectively embodies the professionalism and expertise for which ITC is renowned.

Moving ahead, our focus shifted to the Deva and Elite Travel websites, harnessing a tailor-made ITC framework to seamlessly integrate them with the group site.

Furthermore, the project’s success opened doors to expanded development opportunities, as ITC recognised the potential to enhance their digital offerings. This initiative culminated in the development of a dynamic holiday hub portal, thereby enhancing the online experience for their esteemed clientele.

“It’s always a smooth and quick process with a great end result. We’ve already sent a few more projects to Authenticity as a result of our experience. Many thanks to the team. I highly recommend them.”

John Maddock

Web Development & Optimisation Manager


The ITC Group

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