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iLearn Engineering® - WordPress Website Design & Application Development

As a leader in online UK-accredited engineering courses, iLearn faced the challenge of finding a suitable partner that could deliver the user experience and also had the technical merit required to develop an online platform capable of managing a student’s lifecycle from enrolment to graduation.

To address iLearn’s challenge, our team worked closely with the iLearn team to develop a WordPress website and a custom CRM plugin. This plugin was designed not only for administrative and tutor use but also for seamless integration with the user facing website, facilitating a smooth process for students to enrol, receive feedback, and complete their online courses.

Upon launch, the high level of student interest and the number of enrollments highlighted the effectiveness of the new platform and its ability to attract and engage learners. Furthermore, the modern and dynamic foundation established by our solution centralised student management and reporting, providing iLearn Engineering with a streamlined and efficient approach to course administration.


iLearn Engineering®

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