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The Events Company - Registration Portal and Virtual Streaming Hub

The Events Company, a renowned UK event provider Candidd, and organiser of the NHS Annual Conference on Autism and Neurodiversity required a tailored registration and streaming portal during the challenging times of COVID.

Their challenge in collaboration with the client was to offer an outstanding and stress-free experience for guests, both in-person and virtually.

We fashioned a REACT-based portal that integrated essential features incorporating registration, payment processing, invoicing, and ticket delivery. The developed application accommodated both virtual and in-person attendees, catering to over 200 participants – it also hosted a detailed event schedule, enabling visitors to access a full itinerary of sessions and presentations.

Furthermore, the platform offered opportunity to view recorded videos after the event, enriching engagement and knowledge sharing.

The custom portal facilitated a blend of virtual and in-person participation, catering to diverse participant preferences and ensuring a cohesive event experience. Thorough stress testing ensured uninterrupted live streaming, contributing to a glitch-free virtual engagement for remote attendees.

The platform’s integrated registration, payment, and invoicing functionalities simplified the administrative process, facilitating efficient event management. Attendants benefited from a comprehensive event schedule and the ability to access recorded content post-event, enriching their engagement and knowledge retention.


The Events Company